For better tailoring the content of methodology and tools to specific needs of target groups and national realities, the partners will:

Collect and share information about the realities of immigration in their countries.  

Carry out a short inquiry on the needs of target groups in their countries.

This will be done by distributing and collecting 50 questionnaires by mothers of migrant children in every country.

The questionnaire will collect data about their relation with social services, their knowledge of the language of the host country, and will also be sued to find suitable participants to the pilot of the methodology

Describe and share their experience, including methodologies and tools in teaching L2 to migrants.

Additionally,  CARDET  will prepare and submit  a report on L2 learning

With the information collected, the partners will produce reports that will provide the overview of the needs and state of the art analysis of national contexts, underlining in particular:

  • Relation between migrant mothers and social services.
  • Knowledge of language of the host country.
  • Family management difficulties.
  • Difficulties to interface with public institution.

An overall report will be produced.



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Project Number 540030-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP “Mothers and Children in L2”