The course will be carried out in every partner country by the trainers trained in the previous WP.
The course will be attended jointly by the mothers and their young children aged 2-6. Each group will consist of 10 mothers with their own children, for a total of 50 women.

Every partner will be free to combine in classroom and distance training.

The course will be delivered in L2 and focused on nursing principles and information about nursing services in the host countries as well as family management, citizen awareness, basic ICT.

During the course the mothers will be invited to nurse and interact with their children according to nursing principles by using L2; they will be also taught how to use a netbook so they could interact between themselves and with the facilitators in a web based virtual community when they are not at the course.

The partners will produce reports on the results of the pilot in each country.Every report will describe the peculiar experience of the pilot in the national contexts, underlining in particular:

  • Strengths of the methodology
  • Weakness of methodology
  • Difficulties met by the women
  • Difficulties met by the trainers
  • Language acquisition results
  • Content acquisition results

An overall report, based on the national reports, will be produced.



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Project Number 540030-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP “Mothers and Children in L2”